Nordic Equine Nutrition Conference | 2014 | Sorry the conference is cancelled!

Nordic Equine Nutrition Conference | 2014



Feeding and management of brood mares and foals

Join us on May the 3rd and 4th.

At Grindsted Agricultural Academy and Tronsoe College


The conference aims to communicate Danish and International research results concerning equine nutrition and feeding in an easily understood language. The participants will obtain insight in the latest know-how about feeding horses and how to implementation the obtained knowledge in horse holds. The scientific programme will focus on three main topics with main reports given by invited speakers. 

The three main topics are:

1) Feeding strategy before and after foaling

2) Foal’s first months

3) Stud economy


Organizing committee and detail planner: 

Martha Voss Cand. Agro.lecturer,  

Christine Brøkner MSc., cand. agro., Ph.D.,  

NENUC secretariat: Grindsted Agricultural & Gastronomical Academy, Tronsoe Parkvej 40, DK-7200 Grindsted, Tlf. + 45 7532 0722, Fax + 45 7531 0434, Mail: